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About Service Direct

How can we simplify a marketing strategy to help the business owner grow their business?

That was the question that started it all for us. Rewind to 2006 – our business begins with a few good clients who needed everything “web”. Before we knew it, we were building lots of websites from scratch and then watching as no one visted because no one was doing the marketing work.

Then of course it become more than just websites, everyone needed to find the right marketing that delivered the correct kind of new visitors or potential customers to our websites. And we quickly discovered that this was an intricate and complicated part of growing a business. Our clients struggled to understand Impressions and Clicks and Audiences and the different ways that marketing works and can be measured.

We consistently heard from our clients that they wished things were easier. That maybe, what if, they only had to pay for all of this Marketing stuff “when my phone rings with an actual interested caller”…?

Ta-Da!! That’s it, how about we make our clients only Pay Per Call?!

Service Direct was born. Well actually, we called ourselves Contractor Marketing Pros back then because we began by focusing on independent home service contractors, but that same concept is still driving us today.

We have been working for over a decade, learning how to identify, convert and deliver new potential customers for our clients. And we’ve stuck with the idea that we can do it all in a easy to understand Pay Per Call model.

Today we serve hundreds of clients in many different industries – from Plumbers to CPAs, Therapists to Fencing companies – we have had the amazing opportunity to grow alongside our clients. Our success has been intricately connected with the successes we’ve built with our clients. We are proud to be here and are exicted for what the future looks like as we continue to grow, learn and improve.

  • $75M
    Revenue Generated for Our Clients
  • 400K+
    Leads Delivered to Our Clients
  • 1100+
    Satisfied Clients

The Service Direct Team

  • Brian Abernethy
    Brian Abernethy
    Co-Founder, CEO
  • John Turpin
    John Turpin
    Co-Founder, CTO
  • Matt Buchanan
    Matt Buchanan
    Co-Founder, VP of Sales
  • Ryan Murphy
    Ryan Murphy
    Director of Engineering
  • Rachel Ramsey
    Rachel Ramsey
    Vice President of Marketing
  • Ty Alyea
    Ty Alyea
    Director of Search Marketing Product
  • Brittany Naylor
    Brittany Naylor
    Vice President of Client Operations
  • Daniel Perlaky
    Daniel Perlaky
    Director of Design & Creative Strategy
  • Stevie Valle
    Stevie Valle
    Director, Content Development
  • Brandon Overton
    Brandon Overton
  • Nathan Clark
    Nathan Clark
    Senior Sales Account Executive
  • Raquel Phillips
    Raquel Phillips
    Client Operations
  • Cheryl Spriggs
    Cheryl Spriggs
    Client Operations
  • Weston Boldt
    Weston Boldt
  • Cole Sawyer
    Cole Sawyer
  • Marco Zarate
    Marco Zarate
    Senior Developer
  • Alyssa Garza
    Alyssa Garza
    Client Content
  • Warren Lentz
    Warren Lentz
    Sales Account Executive
  • Ross Petrov
    Ross Petrov
    Sales Account Executive
  • Amanda Reagan
    Amanda Reagan
    Quality Assurance
  • Jennifer Moore
    Jennifer Moore
    Quality Assurance
  • Alycia Cameron
    Alycia Cameron
    Quality Assurance
  • Mauro Leos
    Mauro Leos
  • Joshua Chakra
    Joshua Chakra
    Social Media
  • Kim Golubski
    Kim Golubski
    Quality Assurance
  • Courtney Dzialga
    Courtney Dzialga
    Customer Support Intern
  • Mike Dorsey
    Mike Dorsey
    Co-Founder, Advisor
  • Jim Finnigan
    Jim Finnigan
Google Premier Partner - Inc. 5000 - Bing Ads Accredited Professional