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Some New Trades That Are Hot with Leads

May 19, 2015 by Ryan Bohn

For a long time now, our client base has consisted of your typical Home Services. HVAC companies, Plumbers & Electricians have been our "bread and butter" clients. The main reason is this; we have been generating leads for these trades for so long (9 years now) that we are good at it. These are high volume industries where many of the leads we generate are emergency realated calls, making this a sure way to generate leads. When it comes to the trades we serve we know what works and what doesn't. Although these "bread and butter" clients make up about 50% of our client base, we still serve a large number of other industries as well. Recently we have picked up the pace on generating leads for some new trades and we thought it would be worth sharing which ones are hot. 

Custom Homes: We have recently brought on some new custom homebuilders who are getting large scale & closable opportunities on a weekly basis. Its working well and are seeing some very good activity here

Home Inspection: Home Inspectors are now seemingly starting to jump on the online advertising bandwagon. Once a trade where business was generated from the "good old boy" networks is now finding that there is some low hanging fruit online.

Surveying: This one is one of our favorites. With as much property that is changing hands and how little surveyors advertise this is a hot market with little competition. Surveying leads is by far one of our best performers.

Commercial Janitorial Services: Our Commercial Cleaning clients are loving us right now because most of the calls we are generating end up being long term contracts that lead to more business. It's mildly competitive but very successful.

Fencing: Similar to surveying. Low competition and its a very easy trade to generate calls for. The ROI for what our fencing companies are paying for in terms of leads to what they are making is very positive.

Handyman: This is another favorite. High volume of calls many of which turn into much bigger jobs like a hole in a wall turning into a full scale remodel.

Pest Control: While this is somewhat seasonal, we have been seeing a lot of activity in this industry lately. Many calls turn into regular maintenance opportunities.

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