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CEO Warrior Fast Track Academy Recap

Sep 22, 2017 by Ryan Bohn

When I first met the CEO Warrior team, I knew immediately I wanted Service Direct to have a partnership with them. Their passion for helping their members grow their business combined with a unique approach to performance based coaching, made a potential partnership with them very appealing. A few months into that partnership, we’ve already helped a few of their members grow their businesses, we were invited to attend their Fast Track Academy seminar to meet their team, and even more of their members as well as some new prospective CEO Warrior members are our clients.

Who is CEO Warrior?

At its core, CEO Warrior is a business consulting and coaching service aimed at helping service businesses experience real growth. Owner Mike Agugliaro has a solid track record of how to build a business from the ground up and how to run it. The amount of experience he garnered by building a company in Northern New Jersey called Gold Medal Services has given him the opportunity to share how he did it with others. He has created a new breed of business coaching that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

Their coaching style is full of gritty, hardcore strategies that force business owners to take a hard look at how they are running their business. Mike and his team focus on helping business owners find the tools to get a real pulse on the businesses they are running, so they can actually get down to running their business right.

What is the Fast Track Academy?

Covering everything from recruiting to effective marketing and lead generation, at the Fast Track Academy, you’re taught how to quickly increase efficiency for your service business while increasing sales. With a focus on personal growth and motivation, the Fast Track Academy is designed to get both you and your company to the next stage of growth.

The Fast Track Academy also hosts CEO Warrior preferred vendors. With booths set up around the conference, as an attendee, you can learn about the various partnerships the company has made with other businesses who have the same passion for helping to take your business to the next level.

Why we feel this conference was important.

Everyone here wants to grow their business – which is exactly what we do for our clients. I felt it was important to meet the rest of the CEO Warrior team, but also meet their members and find ways to help them grow their business online.

The difference between this conference and so many others is that everyone in attendance is serious about making changes to achieve the growth they so badly want. They’re motivated by performance which is why they want to be a part of Mike’s program. Everyone here is competitive and ready to soak up whatever knowledge will help them push their business forward. It was great getting to know so many like-minded businesses and hear their struggles, how they overcame them, and also speaking on how as performance based advertisers ourselves, we’ve had to overcome similar bumps in the road.

The Fast Track Academy conference is a great place for us to be. CEO Warrior has really strong plans to grow their member base and their current members are OBSESSED with Mike’s program. After meeting the entire CEO Warrior team, I know that our partnership will help catapult CEO Warrior current and future members to the next level of success.


I had a great time and discovered CEO Warriors are just a little insane, but only in that they are excited, passionate, and serious about growing their business. Thank you, Mike and CEO Warrior for inviting Service Direct to attend the Fast Track Academy. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for our partnership and cannot wait to help more CEO Warrior members be found online.

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