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Marketing On The Move

Jan 21, 2016 by Guest Writer Mike Mangalindan, Senior Wrap Consultant, Ruthless Wraps

Why Should I Wrap My Vehicle - One simple word: Advertising. 

A wrap transforms any vehicle into a rolling billboard. Creating more exposure for your company, which generally translates into more business. Vehicle wraps are one of the fastest growing marketing tools today. It’s good for any business with any number of vehicles. In fact, many people make a living selling ad space on their vehicle to companies. One vehicle alone can reach thousands of people a day, and in most cases the wrap is tax deductible.

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What Is A Wrap

A wrap is as unique and detailed as you want it. It’s printed on vinyl specifically designed for vehicles. It differs from “sign vinyl,” which is meant to be permanent. Vehicle vinyl is 2-fold; not only is it removable, it generally protects the paint as well; helping retain resale value.

Your daily commute can capture thousands of people all over town, not to mention the time spent parked in front of job sites and the grocery store, getting gas, eating at restaurants and those early Saturday morning soccer games. No audience is more captive than those sitting in rush hour.

PRO TIP: With proper care a wrap can last 3-5 years. If a wrap is only kept on a vehicle for 3 years your cost of advertising can cost less than a cup of coffee a day.

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Design With The Eye In Mind

Simple. Simple. Simple. A design should make an impression that is easy to remember. Most people will see your design while driving and won’t have a chance to take down your info or even snap a picture. In a glance they should be able to observe and remember your brand (what you do, company name, contact info).

PRO TIP: Don’t be alarmed if someone follows you to your destination or asks you to pull over so they can discuss how your business can help their needs.

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Still Unsure If A Wrap Is For You?

Your wrapped vehicle is sharing the road with your potential customers, who now have your name and number. This is something an unwrapped vehicle could never do. A wrapped vehicle is an extension of your brand and adds a legitimacy that no other form of advertising can. It’s the one employee that can and will work 24/7 for you.

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