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What Does It Mean To Be a Google Premier Partner

Aug 23, 2017 by Joshua Chakra

Every day Google AdWords is used by millions. As a result, Google is flooded with requests from different account users who need assistance with running successful AdWords campaigns. The network also receives daily complaints about unqualified marketing agencies that mismanage AdWords accounts.

To address these types of issues, Google began certifying certain marketing companies as official AdWords partners. To become a certified partner, companies need to demonstrate a history of running large AdWords campaigns, as well as employ individuals who have passed online AdWords examinations.

The Google Partner Program

Although they definitely want your advertising dollars, the Google search engine does not want to see you fail. Obviously, it is in Google’s best interest for you to succeed, that way money will continue to be spent on their platform. This in turn causes thousands of self-proclaimed AdWords experts, and it can be difficult to know who you should work with. Luckily, the Google Partner program can help you find a business that is truly qualified to do the job.

Early last year, Google expanded its Partner program to include tiered levels. The very highest level an agency can achieve is the Premier Partner, a designation reserved for only a small fraction of Google partners. In order to qualify as a Premier Partner, an agency must continually meet Google’s requirements in three areas: certification, ad spend, and performance. Being a Premier Partner means an agency is knowledgeable, experienced, and successful. Therefore, they really know how to optimize a Google advertising campaign so that it actually makes money.

We at Service Direct are proud to hold the highest distinction of certified Premier Partner.


Here are a few advantages of working with a distinguished Premier Partner:

Better Access:

Becoming a master of the AdWords platform can be challenging. What makes it even more challenging is how much the platform changes. There are often dozens of changes to AdWords every year, and only those who stay on top of these changes can continue to run successful campaigns.

Premier Partners know about changes before other AdWords users. Google can grant early access and often invites Premier Partners to be part of beta testing programs. This means that your company would often have access to tools that your competitors are not using!

In addition to access to beta programs and other tools, Premier Partners also have an inside track to connecting with Google. They can contact highly-qualified Google representatives directly without waiting in long lines. So if there ever is an issue with your account, or if you are looking for a better way to optimize in a specific area, a Premier Partner can make it happen faster. Even the most knowledgeable AdWords experts sometimes have to go straight to Google for the answers. Premier Partners can get in touch with the best Google reps almost instantly.

Trustworthy Experts:

Premier Partners have passed the Google certification tests in their areas of specialization (search, display, shopping, mobile, video). Further, all Premier Partners are required to continuously meet Google’s minimum ad spend, which means Premier Partners are actively managing AdWords accounts with legitimate ad spends. Premier Partners don’t just prove they are experts through tests, they are experts by constantly managing successful campaigns.

In the words of Google, “The badge recognizes companies we trust to help you succeed on the web with our products.” As mentioned earlier, it’s in Google’s best interest for you to see a positive return on your campaigns so that you will continue to spend money on advertisements. To that effect, Google takes a lot of steps to make sure that trustworthy agencies are available to help. The most trustworthy of all are the Premier Partners.

Proven On-going Results:

A successful AdWords campaign is only as good as its return on investment. You could use all the best practices you want, but if you don't make money, that campaign is a waste of valuable resources. In addition to maintaining yearly certifications and meeting minimum spend requirements, Premier Partners also must meet performance requirements. Google doesn't publish these performance requirements, but they are directly connected to conversions. Premier Partners have a history of building AdWords campaigns that convert at a high rate, meaning their campaigns are more likely to make money for your business.  

Another advantage of working with a Premier Partner is you can see exactly where they've had their success. As a Premier Partner, Google encourages us to display our dynamic badge on our website:

Service Direct

We hope that you will consider Service Direct as your online marketing professional.

For more information on choosing a Premier Partner, visit for an interactive list of certified marketing consultants and ad agencies.

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