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Service Direct: Who Are We?

Dec 19, 2017 by Raquel Phillips

Our Story

We are a marketing company in Austin, Texas founded in 2006 by Brian Abernethy, John Turpin, Matt Buchanan, and Mike Dorsey.

In the last two years, we were honored as an Inc. 5000 company list of fastest growing companies North America.

"I want to take our success from working with home service companies to a broader audience & help as many local service type businesses that we can. I see a tremendous opportunity to provide excellent service to Attorneys, Physicians, CPAs and anyone who performs an excellent service for their local community."
– John Turpin


Our Mission

Our success relies on the success of our clients. Whether our client is a smaller business or a larger one, we understand that being visible online is key to success in this age of technology.


Our Values

We are passionate about helping businesses grow. Our passion is our purpose. We learn and innovate from problems that happen. We are a fast-paced, innovative company. We embrace change whenever change happens. It is in our best interest to think first of our clients. We are empathetic to each business that we work with and we do our best to understand what challenges our clients are going through. We believe in conducting honest, open communication between our teams and our clients. Our marketing strategy is to help, not hurt businesses. We hope to create a honest and communicative marketing partnership with our clients through integrity, mutual respect, and kindness.


"I love working for Service Direct because you are not just an employee, you’re a part of a family. We’re always working together as a team to improve and develop ourselves as well as our product."
– Cheryl Spriggs


Our Teams

We are comprised of 20 parttime and fulltime employees from our client content and optimization team, to our research marketing team, to our development team, to our sales team, to our client operations team, and to our lead review team. Every day we work together by communicating across teams to help our clients be found online.


What We Do

We make sure our clients are visible to new potential customers by creating customized websites for our clients and developing the correct search terms, service area, and ad groups to properly advertise for each client.


How We Do It

We are Google Premier and Bing Professional Partners, so we are at the highest level of experienced advertising that a business or person can be. This means we have data, statistics, and knowledge to put our clients in front of the right audiences.

Our optimization team designs the ads through Google AdWords, Yahoo, Bing, and other search affiliate networks. Once the websites are created according to our client’s offered services, they are launched and ready to start receiving leads! When a person goes to Google, Yahoo, or Bing, and they type in the service they need in the area they are located in, this triggers various ads to show. Our ads appear with the others, so when the customer clicks on the ad, they are directed to the website to view our client’s services.

Each website we create is made to reflect our client’s company. The website has its own tracking number. Since we offer call tracking, our clients can listen back to receive the customer’s information, view the time of day they called, critique their sales pitch, and track revenue on that lead.

"Our relaxed office culture at Service Direct allows for time to be creative, innovative, and cultivate relationships. Everyone brings ideas to the table and helps move the company forward. I love knowing my ideas and actions have a direct impact on the future of our product."
– Brittany Naylor


Our Culture

Aside from being leaders in today’s marketing world, we pride ourselves on being a family-oriented company. Our top priority is our clients, but we would not be able to achieve client satisfaction without open communication and interdepartmental meetings. We not only work together well within the confines of our work, we also hold outside of the office activities like holiday happy hours, birthday celebrations, group workout activities, and team bonding lunches. It is within this community that we continue to grow and innovate, open to new ideas, suggestions, and technological advances.

At Service Direct, we truly welcome each client into our family. Your success is our success and we will do everything in our power to help you grow your business. We'd love to get to know you better and see how we can help you be found online, so call us at 877-978-1099.

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